Welcome to my official blog: “Aww that Jazz”!

Life is full of wonder and excitement it can also be full of unanswered questions and frustration.  Society has convinced us to keep up this facade that all is well, all the time. Not only does this expectation hurt us, it forces us to keep silent on matters that can secretly tear us apart.  “Aww that Jazz” is my first step toward breaking down that expectation.

This blog isn’t just a way for me to express myself. I also want to provide life advice and  truths through real-life experiences, interviews, articles & resources, that can help those going through like circumstances. Even though this blog will share some of my personal experiences and thoughts, it will not be limited to JUST me. I have a great lineup of guest interviewers, writers and other bloggers, who are all experts, at what they do. They are all excited about sharing their thoughts on any and everything, from life to death and EVERYTHING in between. Trust me, it’s going to get real!

I hope you will stay tuned on this journey of truth, responsibility, self growth, healing, and transformation.

Thank you for visiting “Aww that Jazz”!

I would love to hear your thoughts, concerns & ideas, please send me a message or email me at awwthatjazz@gmail.com.


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