Do You Know What You Really Want?


Relationships are complicated. Trying to get along with another human being AND be madly in love is complicated.

In 2014, do we know what we truly want in a significant other? Age, wisdom, growth, self-preferences and life experiences are all things that help us sculpt out the image of our “perfect mate”. So what do we really want in a mate that is? Let’s try to gain some clarity on what we expect.Times have definitely changed, the things that mattered to our parents might not necessarily take precedent in our lives. It seems as though each is side is screaming for the same thing but not hearing each other. Does he have to be in a certain tax bracket? Could you look past her past? Are you okay with him having kids? Can you deal with her party life? Light-skinned or dark-skinned? Curvy or slim?  Is smoking/drinking a deal breaker?

Whether we realize it or not we all have a subconscious make up of our “him” or “her”. Hence this interactive posting. We want to hear the run down for your ideal mate. I’m sure we all can agree on overall moral traits: honesty and loyalty. But what about the other factors? I’m 23 years-old so what I desire may not fit your liking. I want this discussion to be a door opener to both males and females who hope to one day meet their soul-mate.

I’ll go first!

Check out my list  and leave your own comments/list below. Comments are also being accepted/read on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! 


“You don’t really need someone to complete you.  You only need someone to accept you completely.”

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