Best way to describe her…… a walking POWERHOUSE. Jazmine Stephenson,  23 years-old, is an Atlanta, GA native. In her early childhood Jazmine recognized how gifted she really was. By being home schooled most of her younger years, Jazmine was free to explore and perfect her many different talents. From dancing to writing, acting to producing, Jazmine developed a love for the arts. Her talents have allowed her to star in countless stage productions and mini skits. She has appeared on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network)  and other television networks. At 13 years-old Jazmine was featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution for her thoughts on gay rights and marriage. Jazmine’s voice has been featured on radio commercials and video presentations alike. At an early age Jazmine knew she wanted to be known for her passion to reach people through her words. At 13, with the help of Mr. Michael & Pamela Whiteside (Lithonia, GA) Jazmine wrote and published her own magazine called “The Princess. This opportunity showed Jazmine how anything can be done.

“The Princess”  has become a stepping stone, now 10 years later Jazmine decided that she was ready to take things to another level. “Aww that Jazz” was inspired by Jazmine’s love for people and their well-being. Jazmine hopes to use her and her guests blogger’s stories to reach people going through difficult life experiences. She hopes that by opening up, it will give others the strength to speak out and begin their healing.

Jazmine plans for the future include continuing her educational career. She seeks to become a licensed psychologist with her own practice so that she may professionally reach people on a more personal level. Jazmine also aspires to own multiple other businesses that go hand in hand with her brand.

Jazmine realizes that her purpose is so much bigger than her. She realizes that life isn’t about material possessions or bank accounts. Life is about who you touch and how you affect them.

“I exude love. I want to live in it. I want to give it. Love is my essence.”


*Wacka Flocka Video “Round of Applause Remix ft. Drake” – Atlanta, GA 2012                    *Starring in Side Piece the movie Baton Rouge, LA 2015
*Guest appearance in RECOGNIZE the movie -Hoodstarzz Films 2012
*Kandy Shop Tattoo commercial aired on VH1 Dallas, TX 2013
*BHamp Video “Go To Work” – Dallas, TX 2013
*Mike University “I Got Game” – Dallas, TX 2014


*Therapy Thursday -Cancer Celebration -Luxe Lounge Atlanta, GA June 2012
*BMF Bleu Davinci Mixtape Release Party – Luxe Lounge Atlanta, GA July 2012


*Beauty of the Week- IAM-HIPHOP.COM (Worldstar affiliate) – November 2013


*SUCCOSO Magazine Spread – 2013
*Kurves of Atlanta Calendar Miss May – 2014


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